Special Projects

Special Projects

Maciej Pol is an author of many special projects for the largest companies and concerns.

The art of Illusion can be a wonderful medium for promoting companies or individual products. This field gives limitless possibilities.

Some of the completed projects:

The effect of disappearing car on the lightened up stage for the company CITROEN.

The effect of penetrating through the pane of glass, which after wiping with Ajax a washing glass liquid, it was so limpid that you could hardly see it. It was a project for the Colgate-Palmolive Poland company.

For the COTY company, Maciej Pol managed to present smell which the audience for the first time could see in the form of colourful flower petals conjured up and soaring up from the hands of magician.

For the IBM company he represented the effect of the teleportation of the chairman of the company from the square beneath the palace of the Culture in Warsaw to the theatre of Słowacki in Cracow.

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