Newsweek issued 09-02-2003 Paweł Trześniowski
Maciej Pol is the most outstanding Polish illusionist nowadays. In the role of the star he was invited to Vienna, Moscow, as well as Dubai. “Very well harmonizing the music and the choreographic routine with each other cause that shows of Maciej Pol are unique” – they wrote about him in Dubai newspaper ‘Gulf News’.
To get such reviews Maciej and his assistant Iza Tomaszewska had worked for many years.

Angora issued 16-10-2005 Bohdan Gadomski
Maciej Pol, the most famous Polish magician, who within 15 years of stage activity performed in the whole world. In the country, 200 articles have been written about him, have been a guest in 300 TV programmes for prestigious stations in the world, and 30 radio stations. Within a year gives 200 performances of his magic show. Recently, he has finished the tour of his shows along with the Magic Route of the Summer with the Radio, in which he was going to cut Maryla Rodowicz (singer) in half. On Dominican Republic he got married. It was the marriage ceremony of your dream like in a fairy tale.

To i Owo (This & that) issued 15-11-2005
Natural-born showman, shows in his performances that it is possible to make the supershow from every art. Very well chosen music and choreography cause that shows created by him are unique.

Gala (Gaul) issued 22-10-2005
Maciej Pol, the most famous Polish magician who adds splendour Polish and foreign events with his magic shows. He left the bachelor state and wed his partner and assistant of many years’ standing Izabela Tomaszewska. The marriage ceremony was held on the Caribbean Dominican Republic. The couple took an oath in Spanish. In roles of cherubim local children appeared.

Express Ilustrowany (Express illustrated) issued 28-10-2005 Bohdan Gadomski
Maciej Pol as one from few illusionists in the world is able to get to the other side through airscrews spinning with the huge speed of the fan.

Gazeta Wyborcza issued 02-12-94 Grzegorz Pawlak
At the beginning Maciej exercised for eight hours per day. Jerzy Mecwaldowski, one of the most outstanding theoreticians of the illusion in the world, gave him precious guidelines. This year he has entertained guests of the luxury chain of Hayatt hotels for two months in Casablanca…

TV Pilot issued 18-10-2005
Maciej Pol is the most gifted Polish illusionist. In this field we can treat him as the best domestic export goods.

Gulf News-Dubaj issued 22-04-97
Maciej Pol, magician from Poland belongs to the group acting in Expo Centre Adhe Fair. His shows combine the learning and the agility, but above all are backed up with the practice. Very well chosen music and choreography cause that shows created by him are unique. On spectators who could already see his shows in ECAF, an incredible effect did the special impression with disappearing clocks of all sizes…

(Echo of the Day) issued 09-01-98 Magdalena Porwet
Adults react to his magic differently than the youngest. They often come up to him after the performance, close the door of dressing room tightly and with the secret face ask: – you, how you do it? – I don’t throw them out, I don’t brush them off either, but I ask them to sit down comfortably and demonstrate a few tricks – he explains.

Na Żywo (Live) issued 17-06-2005 Anita Nawrocka
He doesn’t like to boast about it, but often participates in charity actions. He is also involved in the rehabilitation program for disabled children, based on using illusive stage effects which help sick people to regain the efficiency.

Expres ilustrowany (Express illustrated) issued 03-06-2005 Marzena Juraczko
Can an elephant suddenly disappear? Of course it is possible, provided that there is an outstanding Polish magician in the vicinity Maciej Pol.

Twist issued No.12-2003
When I get on a stage and stand up before the audience, I do everything what I do, for spectators. Without it my performances would serve only satisfying of my own vanity and would lead to nowhere. And this way, thanks to the illusion I share myself with other people. Therefore, it is so beautiful.

CKM issued 01-05-2005
One of the most spectacular tricks of the most famous Polish magician is disappearing of the car: the magician gets in the car, his assistants cover the cart with the white sheet of material, the car disappears, and the artist in the same moment appears on the auditorium.

Chwila dla Ciebie (Moment for You) issued 08-06-2006 Anna Lewandowska
A stage is for me an unusual and secret space. When I was 12 years old, for the first time I got keys to the Community Centre in Łęczyca. There was a stage there. I sat down on it and I thought to myself: – in the end here I am. For me, it was a great experience.

Hokus Pokus (issued by trade paper of the National Club of Illusionists) Jerzy Mecwaldowski
Today, he is one of leading artists of the art of illusion in the country. Performances in TV programmes and concerts with the participation of outstanding Polish actors and singers have brought him the popularity… He is everywhere where he is needed and expected. He is said to be a real ambassador of the Polish art of illusion on all continents of world.

Zwierciadło (Mirror) issued 04-2005 Maria Migalska
Thanks to the Foundation called ‘Mam Marzenie’ (I have a Dream), suffering from the spinal muscle atrophy, not-leaving bed – Mateusz, experienced the most real magic! Thanks to two magicians – Maciej Pol who visited the boy and famous David Copperfield who especially for Mateusz recorded exceptional in contents and the form greetings.

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