Description of effects

Description of effects

Defeating the law of universal gravitation was an eternal dream of the man, and in the end – rising into the air… High… Above the earth… The Homo sapiens caused this play to be done… Admittedly, applying the high modern technology, but still one did.
Maciej Pol went even further…
On eyes of the spectators, by means of secret power, causes, that his assistant Iza floats in the air and being in a kind of unusual dream, levitates above the stage.
To the question of spectators: how do you do it? Pol answers – “I simply realize my dreams…”.

A stage is dark and empty, a delicate music is heard. The quiet rain turns into the storm. A demonic girl runs up the stage in the long red coat. In the frantic dance the girl throws at the stage the sheet of material from which a man emerges. In order to stop him she fetters his hands spread out into the metal stocks. The music heightens the tension. The girl digs fingers into his body… and how it is in terrible nightmares, pierces it through his torso penetrating through him to the other side.

An assistant enters the four legs upright chest. The face of the assistant is visible in the smaller box, put above the chest. Now, an astonishing thing takes place… The magician turns the head of the assistant around her pivot many times. Contrary to the nature, the neck of the girl stays screwed. It is however not everything. Because it turns out that her body has also been screwed. The torso of the assistant disappeared in the dress wreathed into the plait… After a while, the magician carries out above described activities in opposite direction. And… everything is getting back to normal.

On the low bench with the thin top a small cube sits down, the shape of which is reflected itself in the vertical placed mirror on the other side of the bench. A secret mystery play starts, the heroes of which are Pol and his assistant Iza. To the surprise of spectators the magician spreads partition walls of the box creating the big box from them. The music heightens the mood… Iza enters the box and disappears in its interior. Pol folds the partition walls to the box, again forming the small cube from it. Rustle in the auditorium… A question arises: how did it happen, that the adult woman fitted in this tiny box? Still not yet end… The magician sticks three big swords in the cube. Shock! After a moment, Pol removes the swords, spreads the partition walls creating the big box again. The audience holds its breath… Musical chord and the assistant leaves the box… being alive and dressed in the completely different outfit. From behind her back, you will see a fireworks display!

Disappearing in full lighting
The magician in front of spectators’ eyes dissolves into thin air in order after a moment to turn up at the same place again. In fact, it is currently the only one such an act presented in this version on stages of world.

Cutting the person
A sensational trick in which the most modern technical solution was used. Maciej Pol does the trick, as the only magician in Poland. In full lighting, without any camouflage, Pol demonstrates the breathtaking effect. A magician’s assistant lies down on the thin top of the bench. Her torso stays covered with two transparent cases from which the head and feet stick out. Pol cuts her body with metal plates. And a strange thing happens… The bench is divided into two parts. A half of the woman, against the laws of nature, with beaming face with the smile lies down on the one part, while moving feet to the rythym of the dance melody lie down on the other. After a moment, the parts of the bench are connected again, and the casing is taken, but the girl… safe and sound!

Secret of the Old Clock
In the romantic scenery of the winter night, the old clock measures time lazily … It is slow… The lost girl moves large pointers… The clock strikes midnight. Along with the struck of the last gong its inside flashes suddenly with dazzle… Behind the pane an outline of a figure appears. When the door of the old clock is getting ajar, Maciej Pol turns up at it. This poetic effect is a result of transposing the scene from the opera “Straszny dwór” (Terrible manor house) made by Stanisław Moniuszko.

An etude in the classical style. Maciej Pol conjures up clocks of different kind. Ones play, others ring and still others float in the air. There are more and more of them. In the end, the magician conjures up two of enormous size clocks. In this scene, tricks, the music and sound effects, harmonise with one another creating a unique character of the show. This magic trick has been awarded at many international festivals of the art of illusion.

Levitation on soap bubbles
It is a romantic story about yearnings and dreams of children, for whom surrounding world is hundreds of soap bubbles… Ones crack, others appear into their place. Suddenly, a carpet of soap bubbles appears on which the assistant of the magician lies down, and after a while she is hung in the air. Raised by the force of bubbles going up, she levitates above them like the feather raised in the wind. However, an even stranger thing happens… The girl swimming in the air goes her wizard around and stops above the carpet of fleeting “soap balloons” which slowly goes down, and along with it the assistant. A dream about children’s dreams ends in a magic world of Maciej Pol.

Emergence from the poster
To the empty stage assistants in white overalls carry a great poster. They hang it in the blank space. In the poster one can see the Magician and his assistant. To the surprise of the audience the poster revives and hung flat figures leave the poster running out in the direction of the audience.

Maciej Pol spins a tale about distant warm countries in which people have never seen snow in their life. They don’t know what snow is like: warm, or cold, hard or soft, light or heavy… And probably their dreams of touching the real snow would never have come true, if it had not been for the wizard on the Vistula river… One sunny day, fluffy, soft and white snow started falling on their heads… Maciej Pol sets his hands and almost at that very moment tosses the geyser of snowflakes from them up… Tiny white snowflakes whirl after the stage in the crazy dance creating the real snowstorm. They spill from the hands of the magician like from the snow cloud in the unusual poetic mood.

Christmas tree
A festive act in which Maciej Pol gets stars into his fingers from the sky, light tiny dots, and sparks with which he decorates the festive Christmas tree. Appropriately composed music and the text give the plenty of the positive energy and let the audience feel the climate of approaching holidays.

Rapid swap
A magic trick in which assistants wrap Maciej Pol up in the sheet of material. The material flows down from the distinct, all the time visible figure of the magician and… it turns out that it is somebody else. This unusual metamorphosis can be prepared with the person appointed earlier by the contractor.

The effect of the trick enables the living person to appear in the empty box. When Pol gets on a stage, the audience asks itself: how come? The magician without an assistant, all alone? As a kind of response to the questions, the magician presents the inside of the empty chest to the spectators. He closes the lid, performs the magic gesture and here an incredible thing happens … The lid goes up, and an assistant leaves the inside of the chest. At the request of organisers the magician can conjure up the person in this way freely chosen by them.

Harley Illusion
It is a modern effect, with the unusual dynamic action and the surprising end. For the first time on Polish stages! On the podium a container is placed with left walls, made of matte, translucent material. On the stage an assistant turns up with the lamp at the hand lighting up the podium from every side. The podium is empty! Seconds later, the other assistant at the lightning pace lifts the walls of the container. Almost at that very moment behind the front wall of the box an outline of the sitting figure on the motor appears. A whirr of the machine is heard… the walls of the container fall down. On the podium there is a huge motor on which he sits in the helmet “rider”. Not anybody else is it as Maciej Pol.

Exchange of the car
The exchange of the car into other vehicle or into a group of dancers. A car drives onto the open-work bridge. Dancers cover the vehicle with a white sheet of material. At that very moment, Maciej Pol pulls the material off and a group of dancers, or other vehicle, turns up at the place in which a moment ago the spectators could see the car. Maciej Pol, as first in Poland, prepared and presented this effect.

Emergence in full daylight
The effect enables the known personage from the world of business, politics, or culture to appear on the stage… The full surprise and the unforgettable impression. Just right above the stage, in decorated frames, there are two images hung. To the first tacts of the music the images move towards themselves, moving towards the centre-stage. In the moment, when they pass each other, between them, a figure in question emerges. For the first time Maciej Pol demonstrated this trick in television programme entitled “Magiczny alfabet wspomnień Jerzego Gruzy” (Magic alphabet of memories of Jerzy Gruza).

A modern hit effect, in the dynamic artwork in which Maciej Pol penetrates through the airscrews of the speeding fan. Poetic etude in which Maciej Pol turns back time thanks to the full box of old stuff from his childhood. Small objects bring back his memories. In the end, the magician dreaming, floats in the air.

Box full of memories
Poetic etude in which Maciej Pol turns back time thanks to the full box of old props from his childhood. Small objects bring back his memories. In the end magician dreaming, floats in the air.

An effect in which Maciej Pol, in the incredible way, materializes a girl in the small box. At first, her shadow appears, and then the whole person. It is a hit act presented by the biggest stars of the illusion in the world.

Maciek is imprisoned in the magic roll from which his head, hands and legs stick out. Prevailing Iza proves now who actually rules in their duet… , and does with her partner what she wants! His head moves into the regions of his feet, while his hands stay at the top in order after a moment to exchange seats with the legs of the magician. What a weird mishmash! After many adventures, Pol regains the freedom. Phew.

Penetration through the pane
It is an experiment with the glass sheet which is subjected to the inspection of spectators. The smooth surface of the glass sheet assures us that penetrating through it is completely impossible. Maciej Pol, in the atmosphere of tension, punctures the pane with his hand. At the end of the show, the spectators examine the pane again… The surface of the pane remains intact!

Cage being on fire
It is a trick based on the former pagan beliefs, when the fire was set in honour of some deity… Performing ritual practice Pol moves the torch being on fire close to the metal cage. The interior of the cage is full of flames. Moments later, a girl from magic dreams turns up at the cage. This is an unusual picturesque effect, speaking to our imagination.

It is a dynamically and newly arranged act, with the heightening tension and pyrotechnic effects. The final effect is absolutely surprising. Pol imprisoned in the triangular pyramid, which is suspended a few metres above the stage, is on fire in front of spectators’ eyes…! When the pyramid being on fire blows out, at that very moment the magician appears on the auditorium, among its last rows. It is a complete confusion.

In a direct contact with spectators, for young spectators:

It is a funny act of a couple with the participation of invited young spectators, during which colour handkerchieves exchange places with the covering of umbrella. Surprising effect! A witty dialogue with spectators which arouses the audience for the active participation in the show.

Flying rug
It is a trick coming from the fairy tale entitled “One Thousand and One Nights”. A great attraction of performances for children. On the blades of swords there is an outstretched rather small rug. Pol invites a child to the play. He seats the child on the rug and one by one removes all swords. Despite the laws of physics, the small hero of the performance levitates… In order to convince the remaining spectators that the rug along with the child isn’t supported or propped, the magician transfers the hoop. Real magic! However, every fairy tale has its end. The swords stay again put under the rug, and the small child who only a minute ago floated in the air, wakes up from the magic dream. Unaware of what he or she participated in, jumps down and with the spontaneous applause of the audience leaves the stage…

Casper the Friendly Ghost
A humorous story about the tourist who wandering across roadless tracts comes across a group of children on his road. He decides to bring them into the world of illusion. Casper the Friendly Ghost locked up in the glass cylinder, helps him with the accomplishment of this task. He makes that a record of the excerpt freely chosen by children of the poem appears on the empty carton… Under it, the friendly ghost puts his brisk signature although he isn’t the author of the “poem” at all… In the end – the white friendly ghost freed from the cylinder, glides above the heads of the surprised audience, afterwards comes back to the stage and disappears.

Morning with the Radio
The morning in the magic world of Maciek and Iza – both make some preparations for the journey. During these activities, everyday articles gain the magic power and at least appropriate moments play pranks on our heroes. To the surprise of spectators, a playing radio disappears in the final scene! The fictionalized act with the cheerful musical setting. Miracle. A magic skit about the light, humorous plot with the lively and witty dialogue with spectators, in which a living rabbit disappears from the eye-field of the audience turning into a huge… carrot. The latter one, to the surprise of the spectators, suddenly revives and starts seeking the rabbit which turns up at the hand of the surprised spectator.

In a direct contact with spectators, for adult spectators:

Unfortunate sharpshooter
A scene full of comic tribulations, in which a sharpshooter chosen out of the audience is a hero. Every shot fired by him hits on the other, not fixed destination, playing havoc with the poorly prepared scenery of the act. At last, however our hero hits a “bullseye”, revealing – in the incomprehensible way – the card which he chose at the beginning of the performance. Surprising effects and not a less surprising end!

It is an effect with a girl from the audience, in which the magician returning to his dreamy memories, guesses the card chosen earlier by the girl.

Factory of Money
A surrealist scene, in which – kind of in the dream – the hero gives money away. The banknotes in his hands however do not decrease at all, just the opposite, still increase, filling a seeming budget gap up. A funny monologue which accents unexpected trick effects accompanies the magic trick.

It is a trick with a person from the audience. An act, in which the audience is a witness examining the workshop of the magician from the inside. The spectator participating in the experiment doesn’t know what it is going on, and what the plenty of funny situations causes.

It is a classical effect brought from the 14th century in Europe by the Spanish knight called Damatus. The riddle of world stages which is difficult to explain because of linking, disconnecting, arranging of different figures from metal hoops, constituting closed circumferences. Absolutely excellent fun with spectators.

Secret of the certain ring
It is a trick which ends with the surprising effect for the spectator participating in the performance. After many comic adventures, the ring of the spectator disappears in order at that very moment to appear in five, tightly closed boxes.

Unusual journey of the banknote
. It is a great adventure of the spectator whose banknote – in the same place and the time – makes the lightning journey… Found by chance in the apple chosen by the spectators. Thanks to the signature put by the spectator earlier, one confirms it is the property of the owner. Mysterious effect.

Imaginary cards
A trick in which the whole audience participates. It is an effect in which Maciej Pol materializes cards, invented and chosen by the spectators. Funny texts and the loose dialogue with the audience, causes a lot of funny situations.

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