Dear Sirs,

Maciej Pol is an outstanding magician who has been successful not only in Poland but also abroad for many years.

As a star, he has given his shows among others in Chicago, Vienna, Dubai and Casablanca. From the greatest European Festival of Magic Plays in Prague he came back with the first prize of Grand Prix. Repeatedly, he is a special guest on television and in the press. His personal charm in combination with his talent cause that Maciej is able to satisfy even the fussiest audience.

After the meeting with him it is hard not to believe that magic really exists. We present the rich offer of programmes which Maciej Pol has in his repertoire to you. It contains adapted proposals for both large halls and small rooms, and intimate rooms as well.

The programmes are in a rich range of every age group. The magician and his partners also fit them to individual needs of the customer and to the circumstances. They carry out for example a special star show, during which Maciej Pol, even in the closed club, is able to conjure the snow up. They also prepare modern and classic shows.

They comprise from macro and micro illusion. The macro means “large”, so on the stage the stage props appear which is essential to do complicated tricks, like: levitation on soap bubbles, making the assistant out by the body, the teleportation. While the micro illusion is funny, with a direct contact and meetings with the audience. In the offer of Maciej Pol ,of course a special show, prepared with the thought of children, can not be missing. During the one-hour performance the magician takes the youngest into fairy-tale world of charms.

The performances of Maciej Pol are on the highest, world level.The artist cares about their quality very much, therefore he works with the best stage designers, choreographers and musicians. He gets the stage props in the same places, what the biggest world celebrities of the illusion. That is why we can state without any anxieties that Maciej Pol is our best export good in this field.

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Standard show The show includes a few great magic effects - cutting the person in half, the orgiami, étude with clocks. Maciej Pol, between the great tricks, get a contact with the audience. Poeple from the audience are invited to the stage and take an active part in the show. Show with fe...
The show includes great magic effects, the newest achievements of the contemporary art of illusion. In the show it is used 2 tones of equipment, which a technical team preparing the stage for the spectacle, bring on their own transport. Magic effects, the light, sound, pyrotechnics and the pro...
Maciej Pol is a winner of many awards and distinctions for presentations of this type. He establishes a contact with the audience very easily. Small objects such as coins, cards, banknotes borrowed from spectators, multiply themselves or fly in the air. They let the spectator from close up see...
Maciej Pol is an author of many special projects for the largest companies and concerns. The art of Illusion can be a wonderful medium for promoting companies or individual products. This field gives limitless possibilities. Some of the completed projects: The effect of disappearing car ...
In this performance every child considers itself to be the wizard. The show contains a few great magic effects prepared with a view to young audience. Children take an active part in the performance, among other tricks, they conjure up Casper the Friendly Ghost- flying over the heads of specta...
The standard show with extra magic effects referring to Holidays. Among other tricks Maciej Pol conjures up the snow which falls from his hands in order after a moment to spread through the entire stage. In the end, he catches Christmas gifts from the sky - catches light points which he lays o...
Dear Sirs, Magicians - it is an offer directed to all interested in the show of magicians in any character and the form. To answer your FAQs in case of enquiring, the magicians in question are enriched with long-standing experience and the knowledge of the market in this field. We propos...
Levitation Defeating the law of universal gravitation was an eternal dream of the man, and in the end - rising into the air... High... Above the earth... The Homo sapiens caused this play to be done... Admittedly, applying the high modern technology, but still one did. Maciej Pol went even furt...
Newsweek issued 09-02-2003 Paweł Trześniowski Maciej Pol is the most outstanding Polish illusionist nowadays. In the role of the star he was invited to Vienna, Moscow, as well as Dubai. "Very well harmonizing the music and the choreographic routine with each other cause that shows of Maciej Pol...

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ul. Jana Kilińskiego 7 B
99 – 100 Łęczyca
E-mail: maciejpol@maciejpol.pl

Information, available dates:
Izabela Ogrodnik Pol
+48 601 385 244
+48 693 704 516

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