List Of Past Events

List Of Past Events

Over the years, Maciej Pol participated in many events, here are some of them:

  • Tour of Dubai, Scharża, Casablanca
  • Participation in the world festival of illusion in the Hague.
  • The author of effects and the performer of one of main roles in the show: Santa Claus with the Bank Śląski (Silesian Bank). The shows in a multipurpose arena complex in Katowice, Poland, were watched by 30 thousand-audience of children. The special guest invited from TVP2 station – leading – TV presenter Katarzyna Dowbor.
  • For the company Renault he prepared the effect of disappearing of the car.
  • Show at the World Festival of the Art of illusion in Dresden.
  • Main role in the television show: “Gwiazdy i Gwiazdki na Gwiazdkę” (Stars and Starlets for the Christmas).
  • A guest in Jerzy Gruza TV programme – ” Magiczny alfabet wspomnień ” (the Magic alphabet of memories). The outstanding director calls Maciej Pol ” Małysz of the Polish stage”.
  • At the Polish premiere of a new model car, on the openwork bridge he turned a racing car of the Formula 1 into the latest model of the C 2 Citroen.
  • Programme for TVP1 station: “Do góry nogami” (Upside down) – one-hour long programme telling about the childhood and beginnings of the great adventure with the illusion.
  • Numerous consultation about stage plays, the newest magic act to “the Cats” by Weber on the stage of the Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw.
  • Grand Prix prize at the greatest European Festival of the Art of illusion in Prague.
  • Special show performed especially for the Princess of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Recording for TVP1 station 20 episodes of the programme for the program “Lato z czarodziejem”(The Summer with the wizard), (Programme addressed to children).
  • Nomination as the Vice President of the National Club of Illusionists.
  • A title of a stage performer granted him by the ZASP (Association of Polish Stage Artists).
  • As an only one in Poland, is a magician who is working on the project of disappearing of the Palace of the Culture in Warsaw.
  • Performance at a great hall on the occasion of opening the Sheraton hotel.
  • Performance in the Health Centre of the Child during the ceremony of giving the Orders of the Smile to the First Lady Jolanta Kwaśniewska and the chairman of the foundation Polsat Małgorzata Żak.
  • Concert tour under the patronage of the foundation Polsat called “Podaruj Dzieciom Słońce” (Give the Sun to Children).
  • Tour of shows in the United States together with the biggest stars of the Polish stage for many thousands audience in Chicago.
  • Radio broadcast for the first station of the Polish Radio talking about the life and the works of the artist.
  • For the first time in Poland he introduced the effect of the levitation of the car.
  • He initiated the action in Poland, in which disabled children not only learn easy tricks which improve the coordination of their hands, but they can also show something unusual their peers.
  • Audience at the National Theatre was a witness of the new act, in which the magician was being burned in the pyramid and at the same time turned up in the audience. The act was awarded standing ovations.
  • Participation in the TVP1 programme “Fronczewski Show” – Maciej showed the hits of the world illusion in it. Starlets from the sky conjured up right above the heads of audience made a special impression on spectators.
  • Winner of the opinion poll of viewers. Big-hearted person. organised by TVP station in Poznań.
  • For TVP Polonia station – a guest of the special New Year’s Eve programme. The Polish community abroad watched the show in the whole world giving the word of their recognition in the form of numerous phone calls to the studio.
  • Guest in TV talk-show programme called “Kuba Wojewódzki”.
  • Participation in the Great Concert in front of the TVP general office building in Warsaw on the occasion of raising money for serious ill people by the charity organisation “Wielka Orkiestra Światecznej Pomocy” (The Great Orchestra of Festive Help).
  • Guest of the TVP1 programme called “Rower Błażeja” (Blazej’s Bike).
  • Magda Jethon – the III station of the Polish Radio invited him to the radio broadcast “Pani Magdo, pani pierwszej to powiem…” (Mrs Magda, you first I will say that…), anecdotes from that radio broadcast were published in a book under the same title.
  • Twofold shows in the Presidential Palace in Warsaw.
  • He was invited, as the star to the greatest ball of the magic in Vienna.
  • Premiere the act of the levitation on soap bubbles. The effect is performed by the greatest stars of illusion in the world.
  • Premiere of the effect in which the magician penetrates through the rushing fan.
  • Cyclical concerts in the Congressional Room under the patronage of the mayor of Warsaw called “Dar Serca” (Gift of the Heart).
  • For activity for disabled people received the badge a Friend of the Child.
  • Congressional Room in Warsaw – joint performances for children along with Majka Jeżowska (singer) broadcast by TVP1 station.
  • Concert tour under the patronage of the Kredyt Bank (Credit Bank), in 15 Polish cities magic shows were watched by hundred thousand of spectators.
  • Thanks to the foundation “Mam Marzenie” (I Have a Dream) Maciej Pol and David Copperfield fulfiled the dream of the ill boy.
  • He received the badge of the distinguished activist of the culture.
  • He implements the effect presented nowhere in the world – the magician in front of spectators’ eyes dissolves into thin air.
  • Arranging two full-length shows for station TVP2 entitled “Magiczne Chwile – To Niemożliwe” (Magic Moments – It is Impossible).
  • Untypical role of leading in the Concert for TVP2 station entitled “Muzyczne Historie Miłosne” (Musical Love Stories). The guests of the program are the biggest stars of the Polish song and stars of series “M Jak Miłość” (L for Love).
  • Participation in the TV programme “Mój Pierwszy Raz ” (My First Time) – in which together with Jerzy Kryszak, comedian, and Anna Wyszkoni, the soloist of the band “Łzy” ( Tears), presented the act of cutting the person from the audience in half.
  • Guest in Wojciech Man TV programme entitled “Duże Dzieci” (Big Children).
  • Show in the entertaining programme of Polish TV station (TVP) entitled “with Grabowski all over the Country” directed by Krzysztof Jaślar.
  • Full-length authorial performance entitled ” yes you can” held in the Congress Hall. Oriflame cosmetics company was a sponsor of the show.
  • For Cyfra+ TV station, recording an episode of cyclic programme entitled ” Roof above Stars”.
  • Cycle of shows in the TV programme entitled Cabaret Club of the Second Station TVP2.
  • At the invitation of film director Krzysztof Zanussi, participation in a discussion entitled “Illusion versus Reality during the Culture of Karoozela”.
  • Maciej Pol, Piasek (singer) and Maryla Rodowicz (singer) are stars of the Magic Route of the Summer with the Radio ( Lato z Radiem). The concerts in the biggest Polish cities were watched by around million of spectators. The final concert on the Square of Kościuszko in Gdynia was broadcast by TVP2 station, and attracted one hundred thousand spectators and the record-breaking attendance of viewers in front of TV sets.

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