Maciej Pol

… the most popular Polish illusionist, the winner of many international festivals of the art of illusion, giving performances on prestigious stages and stages of the whole world, among others in Casablanca, Paris, Vienna, Chicago, Moscow, Dresden.
Natural-born on the 11. 01. 1969 in Łęczyca, Poland.
Since 1985, a full member of the National Club of Magicians in Łódź.


Maciej pol

In 1986, the winner of distinguish the microillusion in the category at the festival in Łódź. In the same year, he took the second place in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, the top first place on the rally of magicians in Chorzów, the second place in the category of the theatrical illusion in Łódź. The winner of the first prize of Grand Prix at the Festival in Żelezny Brod, Czech Republic as well as at the greatest Festival of the Art of Illusion in Prague.

In 1991 he initiated the cooperation with Izabela Ogrodnik-Pol. Their joint performances has resulted in many innovative productions.

In 1994, at the request of the concern Renault on the lighted stage caused disappearing of the car. It was an effect for the first time shown in Poland.

In 1995, together with the Poznań Sports Association called Start including disabled people he began the action, thanks to which disabled children learn easy tricks, improve the fitness of the hands and the physical coordination, and simultaneously have something to offer their peers, something of what their fit friends are not able to do.

For his activity he received the badge of the distinguished Activist of the Culture.

In 1996 he was the winner of the opinion poll of Television Poznań – Big-hearted person. Year later, he was invited as the star to the greatest Ball of the Magic in Vienna.

In 1998, the Society of the Friends of Children granted him the badge Friend of the Child. In the same year, he took an examination before the verification committee called the Association of Polish Stage Artists and received the title of a stage performer. As the first magician in Poland he was invited to the Presidential Palace.

The year 2000 was full of displays of the illusion along with outstanding Polish stage stars for the audience of a few thousand in Chicago.

The following years were full of TV programmes and concerts on the biggest stages in the country and outside the country.

In the year 2004 for the first time, he presented the turn of racing car into the latest model of the C2 Citroen.

In 2005, he recorded two one-hour long copyright programmes entitled Magic Moments for the TVP2 station.

In the year 2006 was a star of the Magic Route of the Summer with the Radio (the radio broadcast of Polish Radio 1). The shows were watched by one million of spectators in the biggest cities in Poland.
This year he has prepared and presented the levitation of the car for the first time in the country.

Maciej Pol has appeared in over 250 TV programmes in 10 TV stations in the world. He has performed among others in such programmes as: television shows – – Koncert Marzeń (The Concert of Dreams), Fronczewski Zaprasza (Fronczewski Invites), Magiczny Alfabet wspomnień Jerzego Gruzy (the Magic Alphabet of memories of Jerzy Gruza), Gwiazdy i Gwiazdki Na Gwiazdkę (Stars and Starlets for Christmas), teleferie Lato z Czarodziejem (the Summer with the Wizard- teleholidays), Fabryka Śmiechu i Muzyczne Historie Miłosne (the Factory of the Laughter and Musical Love Stories).

He cooperates with theatres consulting about stage plays:

  • THE NOVEMBER NIGHT, director: Jerzy Grzegorzewski – National Theatre in Warsaw
  • CHERRY ORCHARD, director Maciej Prus – National Theatre in Warsaw
  • THE FUN WITH THE DEVIL, director: Jan Kilian – Theatre of Poland in Warsaw
  • CELEBRATION, director: Grzegorz Jarzyna – Theatre of the Variety in Warsaw
  • KING OF PAIN, director: Karol Stępowski – New Theatre in Warsaw
  • SLEEPING BEAUTY, director: Czesław Śeńko – The Baj Pomorski Theatre in Toruń
  • CATS, director: Wojciech Kępczyński – The Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw
  • SHOES OF THE LUCK, director: Barbara Borys Damięcka – The Mermaid Theatre in Warsaw
  • FAUST, director: Ryszard Major – Theatre of Poland in Szczecin
  • OPERA OF THE GOAT, director: Janusz Wiśniewski – New Theatre in Poznań
  • MACBETH, director: Grzegorz Jarzyna – Theatre of the Variety in Warsaw
  • ACADEMY OF MR KLEKS, director: Wojciech Kępczyński – The Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw
  • TITANIC ORCHESTRA, director: Krystyna Meissner – Contemporary Theatre in Wrocław


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